October 30, 2020

Episode 15

Andy tells us how X-wings aren't the only scale models before the guys swap experiences about GSP's Galactic Championships.  Stu, Joe and Josh joke about TTS tips then get serious about recent announcements by FFG.

October 1, 2020

Episode 14

The fellas wryly arc-dodge the elephant in the room and get straight to tourney talk about the TTS online GSP Galactic Championship.  Joe and Stu quiz Josh Dunne about the meta and his beat-face 4x Wookie squad that got him in the cut.  

March 25, 2020

Episode 13

Noa, Stu and Matt discuss the challenges of working and playing from home.  In the second half we give Vassal tips and list ideas.  Continued thanks to PGS and District Foundry.  Links: Vassal, X-wing module, instructionsmaneuvers and tips blog.  Stay safe everyone!

March 11, 2020

Episode 12

T-shirts are here! https://www.t-shirtfam.com/product/turn-zero-podcast-shirt/ Gordon pops by to explain the difference between a strategy and a trick.  Travis fills us in on organized play.  Thanks PGS and District Foundry.

February 24, 2020

Episode 11

Fresh from his Top 32 at LVO, special guest Noa joins Farns and Stu to blow the hangar bay doors wide open.  They talk Hyperspace, the good, the bad...and the format itself.  Noa shares his lists for the upcoming System Opens.  Sponsored by District Foundry and The Portland Game Store.  Find us on Patreon

January 27, 2020

Episode 10 - Live from LVO

David, Gordon and Stu take stock in this field recording from the hotel in Vegas as LVO comes to a close.  They reflect on a good showing, the new points changes and the pitfalls of Sin City.  Thanks Fly Better for putting it on!

January 15, 2020

Episode 9

The bombshell points drop sends the boys scrambling to build lists for LVO.  Special guest Gordon joins again.  Sponsored by The Portland Game Store and District Foundry.  Find us on Patreon.  Points list: http://bit.ly/xwingpoints


December 31, 2019

Episode 8

The guys share 2020 goals and bat around list building ideas with David as guide.  Farnsy schools everyone on the ample Star Wars content this season and theorizes how it may lead to new ships on the table.  Find us on Patreon.

December 20, 2019

Episode 7

The guys chat with top player Marcel Manzano from Gold Squadron Podcast!  Marcel shares his tournament prep techniques, talks listbuilding, and reveals his in-game mindset.  Farnsy plays auctioneer for David and Stu.  Find us on Patreon.

December 2, 2019

Episode 6

The Sear Swarm and Jedi Aces are the targets of this deep dive. Marc, Stu and David discuss how these lists are built, how to counter Sear, how not to fly Jedi, and why they are both so damn good.  Find us on Patreon.

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